Nashville, TN

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Nashville, Tennessee

City Structure
Nashville is divided into five territories, each ruled by a Primogen. These Primogen are not chosen by Clan or Covenant, but by who has the power to hold the Territory. There is no Prince of Nashville.

The South West territory of Nashville is controlled by Primogen Edana Mac Brenna.

These Primogen began as advisors to the Prince. When the Prince died over 100 years ago, the Primogen were so balanced in terms of power that no one person could seize control. Rather than fight it out and destabilize Nashville in the process, they decided to continue ruling together as a council.

Visiting Nashville
Gatherings are not public knowledge, and an invitation from an established resident of the city is required. Edana asks that any Acolytes contact her prior to departing their home so that feeding and security can be arranged.

Nashville Crone Contact: Edana Mac Brenna / Paula Watt

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